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Our story !

From the very beginning to the actual start

On a sunny spring evening in Lebbeke, the comment is made among a cheerful group of neighbors: "We should actually exercise a bit more." Everyone agrees that exercise does no harm.

However, no immediate consensus is found, the observant neighbor talks about walking... 'Can it be any less exciting...?'

One says 'ok I'll do it!' and the following Thursday evening they are on the road! Lustige Stappers Lebbeke is born!

The walks become longer and more intense, the enthusiasm of the two neighbors is contagious and soon some men join in. The ladies organize themselves and walk on Sunday morning.

 Challenges and goals are discussed and explored. The Dodentocht seems obvious. But 'The Longuest Day' in Spa also arouses interest. And because lusty Stappers Lebbeke doesn't just want to do this, they select charities.

For 'The Longest Day'  this was already fixed 'Think Pink'. To participate in the Dodentocht, they would like to be sponsored by the Rehabilitation Center in Buggenhout.

In 2019, things will take a different tack,

On the one hand, Levensvreugde VZW is supported, on the other hand, there is a poll in which 6 charities compete to become the second charity for Lustige Stappers Lebbeke in 2019!

Ultimately, Scouts Lebbeke becomes the second project to support.

And then Corona!!

Just like for all other associations, Corona was not an easy period.

No walking in groups and then again alternated seamlessly.

But it also meant the big start as an official walking group, affiliated with Wandelsport Vlaanderen.

Since that moment we have continued to make progress.

Year after year, we are experiencing good organic growth in membership numbers and are strengthening our position both in the walking environment and in the local community of Kroës, here in Lebbeke.

In addition to the weekly walks, other group activities were also launched, such as the New Year's breakfast, participation in the Minnestraat Fair, the classic Lebbeke-Halle, the Slow Road Tour, the Christmas walk, etc., always only for members or in collaboration and for other associations.

Always with the same goal, to walk as much as possible and to get others to walk.


This will remain our motto for the coming years, combined with a little bit of healthy rascal rebelliousness, the urge to do and present things in a different way, the salt and pepper within the walking environment, so to speak. 

Onze dames -stappers !
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