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Hiking, as the word suggests, is also a form of sports. In addition to our weekly walks, every year there are members who participate in walks such as the Coast Walk or the Dodentocht. Since last year we have created our own challenge on top:

On foot from Lebbeke to Halle, in previous generations the annual pilgrimage, now mainly a sporting challenge!


Not everyone is born as an experienced walker or there is an event in your life after which walking is no longer easy. We offer guided packages for beginners several times a year from 0 to 5 km.

In most cases, within 1 year you will be ready to join our advanced walkers.


Every Tuesday evening we leave from the Hof Ter Burst Tennis Center, Hof ter Burstbaan Lebbeke for a group walk. This beautiful evening walk, which goes along an often changing route, is on average a good 7km long and ensures that 

Along the way we share tips and experiences about walking and philosophize about life!

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As a group, association, club, we certainly do not shy away from the human aspect: to sharpen the team spirit, we also do numerous side activities in addition to walking, having breakfast, participating in the fair, participating in quizzes, etc. .....

In addition, as you could already read on our site, we are also committed to charity!!

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